We provide a complete turn key solution to Tourism Bureaus
Business Improvements Districts and Chambers of Commerce

Community Portal

Your design or ours?

Enhance the functionality of your community portal. Designed to be the most comprehensive information resource on what to see and do in your community. 

Businesses can easily update their listings and micro-site with new information, providing timely and accurate distribution of products, services and events.

Residents speak multiple languages, offer them information in their preferred language. 

  • Business Listings
  • Event Listings
  • News & Blogs
  • Ratings & Reviews

Communications Hub

Connect every stakeholder in your community to consumers around the corner or around the world. 

Our UC platform allows efficient and timely communication via mobile, voip and AI driven chat including enterprise wifi.

  • IP-PBX for SMB
  • Business Phones
  • WiFi Access Points
  • Conference End Points​
  • Knowledge Base
  • Messenger
  • AI Chat Bot
  • UC App

IOT Proximity Platform

Drive interactions in Real Time whether guests arrive by train, plane, bus or car by making your community smart.

Our IOT platform allows sensor data to feed back vital information to community managers and members.  Our smart sensor grid and beacons connects to our wifi gateway delivering critical information to everyone.Our system even supports wayfinding and indoor navigation.

Provide visitors with useful information and engaging experiences based on their physical location. Provide policymakers with accurate information with accurate analytics and statistical information.

  • WiFi Plaform
  • Sensors
  • Beacons
  • Security
  • Cameras
  • Wireless Backhaul

Residents App

By adopting a community app, you just make everything easier. Residents can make reservations at any supporting restaurant with a click of a button. Complaints and comments can be escalated in real time opposed to filling out a comment card.

  • Reservations
  • Appointment Booking
  • Maps & Wayfinding
  • Conference End Points​
  • Classifieds
  • Messaging and Communications
  • Auction *
  • Reverse Auction *

Vistors Mobile App

Visitors can quickly find out what there is to see and do matching their persona with offers presented by local services providers. They can receive custom offers from restaurants and hotels delivered right to the palm of their hand based on personal preference.

  • Detailed Entity Info
  • Maps and Wayfinding
  • Storytelling
  • Tours
  • Digital Sourvenirs
  • Multi-Language