Project Description


Covid-19 has changed the way worship leaders connect with their community. Legislation around the world varies greatly, and even when published is subjected to dramatic changes from week to week. By adopting a CMS driven powered community platform, religious leaders can adapt to these changes in real time allowing them to quickly connect and update their congregants.


The goal of the platform is to replicate as closely as possible the genuine experience of being together in prayer.


There are a number of approaches that need to be considered when developing a platform that allows global participation. The first, is the quality of the transmission. There is a reason that Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services have excellent picture quality. This is because their content is stored on origin servers that have high availability, and are designed to stream to millions of individual users simultaneously.

By contrast, conferencing systems are designed to provide decent two-way interactivity with relatively simple backgrounds, colors, and changes in the speed and velocity of the auction.

In our application, we have created something which includes the best of both worlds.

The Components

A complete solution for churches to stay connected with their parishes