Project Description


Clients around the world are looking for a simple way to find legal services that are appropriate for their particular needs. Up until now, lawyers have been able to rely on their bar associations to provide contact information, but there is no way for consumers to share their experiences with a particular attorney. Our platform allows it to a flow of information between stakeholders.


Provide a highly functional portal where clients can interview lawyers in real time, read their reviews, ask questions, all before engaging with the lawyer or the law firm.


As a result of COVID-19, law firms and lawyers around the world are having to reinvent the way they do business. There is a myriad of general solutions such as Zoom Meetings, BlueJeans, and Go To Meeting,  however, each one of these does not provide an industry-specific solution.

Our response to this is to create a platform that allows a complete end-user interaction including payment processing.

The Legal Markeplace

A complete end-to-end solution for the legal profession and their clients.

On Demand Legal Services Platform

Complete End-End Workflow with Payment Processing