What is SEO anyway? Search engine optimization is the process of preparing your website, blog, microsite or portal for being interrogated by the major search engines. There are many factors that make a website search engine friendly, such as the right keywords, back links, and loading speed.


Get an expert. Unless you have the time to learn a new art, and this art is a combination of science, art, and a bit of old-fashioned luck, you’re better off to find someone who has been doing this well for a period of time.

  • Use Google AMP

  • Responsive Website

  • Use ALT Attributes

In addition to all of the tools and services available, there are companies that specialize in the search engine optimization for a particular industry. In our opinion, this is the way to go, because they have the experience, knowledge and contact, to drive your business to the number one position.

Learn From Google Analytics

Google is the 800 pound gorilla in the space. They have the most sophisticated tools, and essentially on the search engine space. There are a number of up and comers, all with different criteria to make your site accessible and searchable.