TIN Explorer

A mobile app designed with tourists in mind

Explore: Find out what there is to see and do, from touristic points of interest, restaurants and upcoming events.

Rich Information: Our customized tourism APP provides detailed information on any person, place or thing. Find out about the story behind the story, told in multiple languages.

Personalized Tours: Create your daily itinerary and discover your community at your pace. The app navigate you to your next chosen stop.

Digital Souvenirs: Create Mini Documentaries of vacations, adventures and the interesting places you visit

TIN Discovery

A resident’s personal assistant

Inform: Similar to the white pages, we list EVERY organization in your community. This ensures that your constituents have access to all members.

Communicate: Featured Members are showcased on your community portal, so clients can tweet, chat, call, and see your members in real-time from anyplace to anyplace at any time.

Transact: Goods and services can be exchanged via the platform, and service providers such as doctors, teachers, and lawyers can dispense information electronically via video calls.

Reach Thousands Of Visitors

We work with industry experts to find associations that will benefit from their products and services.