Our association platform is the hub of your association, allowing you to connect with all your members in real time.  delivering exceptional value to our community of interest.

Driven by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, the platform helps consumers find precisely what they are looking for just when they need it.

  • Member Management
  • Event Listing & Bo
  • Mapping and Navigation
  • Tourism Listings
  • Communication Platform

Member Listing System

Track every interaction from the first touchpoint to follow up customer care.

By streamlining digital analysis in both the digital and physical world, we allow you and your members to predict next steps and optimize content creation and delivery.

By analyzing, optimizing and personalizing both the digital and physical  journey, clients are rewarded with rich and satisfying experiences which in turn positively contribute to the bottom line of members, service providers and the communities that they serve.

Unified Communications Platform-as-a-Service

Provide your members an  unparalleled communication experience while evolving next-gen service offerings to help them win more business.

Unified Communications Platform: Customers can reach you from around the corner or around the world by simply your global extension.

Corporate Mobile: Control employee spend by managing cellular usage and prevent data breaches before they occur. Own your own cellular asset.

Visual Communication Platform: Video Conferencing is passé, Our Video Communications Platform provides an end-to-end solution including form workflow, document storage, document signing, and integrated client care.

Digital Experience Platform

Deliver personalized recommendations, products and services based on the behaviour of your residents and visitors using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Using artificial intelligence to analyze individual behaviour, we attach profiles to personas enabling merchants, associations and governments to deliver the goods and services consumers demand.


Legal Service Marketplace

Our powerful smart listing platform allows bar associations to allow members of their community to find information about all practice areas in each community. Lawyers can find new clients looking for their services.


Worship Konnect Platform

Religious organizations around the world have to find new and innovative ways to connect with their community, all the while creating sustainability. Reach out to us to find our more about how we can help your organization.


Learning Management System

This LMS system is perfect for delivering complex course curriculum and track their students over multiple years. It can be used for educational institutions as well as organizations that have rich and diverse knowledge.

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